Re: End of airliner evolution?

Date:         01 Dec 96 04:08:57 
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On 21 Nov 96 03:02:20 , (Woodhams) wrote:

> (Tim Russell) writes:
>>H2 powered jets are not new it was tested in the 50'a.
>>I read a quote that H2 was a "terrific fuel for turbines"

>of fossil fuels to use is greater. Some alternative energy sources
>(e.g. windmills on ocean buoys) have troubles linking to the
>electricity grid, so for these it may make sense to store the energy
>by electrolizing hydrogen out of water, and have ships come to empty
>the hydrogen tanks every so often.

Great idea! Non-constant power sources used to create H2 and then use
the hydrogen to produce a constant supply of electricity. Solar is
another example of a power source that is at it's peak at the wrong
time. Highest power demand is at the dinner hour but here in Canada
the sun is down by 5PM in the winter. Store up the daytime power in
the form of H2 and generate the power when it's needed.

  I admit that storing H2 in even large aircraft would be a problem
but fossel fuels will not last forever.

Any other sugestions from anyone? What will be the next jet fuel?