Re: Airbus on a roll

Date:         01 Dec 96 04:08:56 
From: (Niels Sampath)
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In article <airliners.1996.2569@ohare.Chicago.COM>
  "Malcolm Weir" writes:

>...... the A330-200 is a competitor of the 767, it is a
>good possibility based on the cockpit commonality with the short-haul

As a pont of reference it is interesting to note last week's
Flight Int'l which reported that Ansett is considering replacing
its 767s with A330s. (note they are an A320 operator)
Ironically, given the shorter-wingspan-at-the-gate
advantage that the A319/20 seems to have had with United/USAir
one thing an Ansett spokesperson said they had to consider, was the
A330s fitting into gates presently designed for 767s.