Re: American to place order for 100 or more Boeing planes

Date:         01 Dec 96 04:08:55 
From:         "David K. Cornutt" <>
Organization: Residential Engineering
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In article <airliners.1996.2508@ohare.Chicago.COM> MegaZone, writes:
>I wonder if any of the 777s will have the folding wings American was
>so insistant on in design. ;-)

Last year, while on a trip to Seattle, I went through the
Everett tour, and I asked the tour guide about this.
She told me that, as none of the launch customers had
expressed any interest, Boeing had dropped the folding
wingtips as an option.  The explanation was that, while
it sounded good on paper (allow the aircraft to fit into
airport gates spaced for planes with shorter wingspan),
the operational complexities were such that it probably
would be rarely used, and the operators didn't feel like
paying the penalty of extra weight to have it.

David K. Cornutt, Residentially Engineered, Huntsville, AL
I'm a rocket scientist.  I know the difference between an
increase and a decrease.