Re: Airbus threatens to sue Boeing

From: (H Andrew Chuang)
Organization: Concentric Internet Services
Date:         16 Feb 96 04:33:36 
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In article <airliners.1996.182@ohare.Chicago.COM>, I wrote:

>Last year, I came across an article in the Far Eastern Economic Review on
>the Airbus/Boeing competition.  It was reported in the article that Boeing
>claimed the B777 would shave off as much as an hour off A340's flying time
>on long-haul trip.  A similar claim was made by one of the netters from
>Boeing in sci.aeronautics.airliners but was later disputed by a Cathay
>Pacific pilot.

I would like to make a corretion of the above statement.  The Boeing
person that I was referring to in the previous post did not make the
"claim".  He was only stating what he was told by a Captain of an airline
which operated the A330.  And what he was told was the A330 was speed
limited due to buffetting.

  H Andrew Chuang (