Re: TWA Flight 800 accident

Date:         01 Dec 96 04:08:55 
From:         Dennis Chamberlin <Dennis.Chamberlin@Tek.COM>
Organization: CSSC
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>The NTSB investigators are ignoring the 4th. possible cause of this
>After the bomb, missle and mechanical failure theories there is the
>"induced pilot reaction" to erroneous flight instrument indications
>including gyro instrument precessing due to a weather induced pitch-up,

I believe the flight was in visual conditions. In these circumstances,
the primary reference for aircraft attitude is the outside environment.
I've never heard of a case where a pilot was fooled by a gyro when the
ground and horizon was visible during daylight.

>or wake turbulence from a preceeding aircraft. Wake turbulence can
>persist for 45 minutes or more in completely smooth air.

Everything I've read on the subject, including the results of full-scale
experiments, indicates that hazardous levels of turbulence dissipate
within a few minutes, even for small aircraft in calm conditions.