Ethiopean 767 accident

Date:         01 Dec 96 04:08:54 
From:         jfmezei <>
Organization: SPC
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I saw and taped the footage taken by newlyweds on a beach within visual
of the landing/crash of the Ethiopean Airlines 767 which ran out of fuel
after hijackers demanded to fly to Australia.

Note: when the highjackers realised that the pilot was planning on
landing on Comores Island, a fight ensued but the pilot supposedly
regained control of the plane.

The sequence I taped is about 14 seconds (32meg of disk space :-(

>From what I could see, the engines were already off since there was no
huge spray of water as the engines neared the water.

The left wing tip touched water for a few seconds (yes, just the tip)
and then, the left engine touched. at that point some water spray
resulted as well as some debris flying off. At that time, the right wing
and engine were still well above the surface as was the fuselage.

Shortly after this, the fuselage did touch water, but right wing and
engine remained above water.

At the time the fuselage touched the water, the initial left bank of the
plane was almost gone, but after this, the right wing started to rise,
giving back the left bank.

The plane then started to veer left and the left bank continued to
increase. I assume that the left wing had long detached, but the right
wing and engine were still there. The veering to the left was probably
more of a spin with the tail still moving forwards and nose moving less.

At this point the fuselage becomes hidden by the water spray. However,
the tail is still a bit visible as is the right wing which end up being
vertical at one point.

I assume that the fuselage ended up perpendicular to the movement, with
a 90 degree bank and right wing straight up in the air.

A different shot, after the accident, shows the tail almost all out of
the water (but not the top of fuselage) which indicates water was not
very deep.