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Date:         01 Dec 96 04:08:53 
From:         "john r." <>
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In article <airliners.1996.2575@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Jeff Bowen
<> writes
>Some more questions from someone who doesn't know too much about
>aircraft but who is interested in them.
>A friend is coming back from Paris later this week and I heard he
>discovered his friend is going _to_ Paris on the same plane on
>the turnaround.  What all will be happening to this plane between flights?
>After being in the air for 6 hours (or whatever it is) do they
>have to check/change oil and do a big number of maintenance tasks
>after a flight of that length?  Just curious.

Thats about it on a normal turnround, fluid checks, engine and hydraulics.
Inspections of gear, wheels and brakes for damage. And of course the
engines, front and rear. The fan and ducting can absorb quite a bit of
damage without the crew being aware.  We also do some routine system
checks.  There are longer check procedures that are called on hours basis,
flap greasing, filter changes and inspections ect.  Also an a/c may have
unique problems requiring regular attention and controlled inspection.
Not forgetting whatever the inbound crew have found wrong with the a/c.
We fix or defer the defect, there being a manual that lays down what
defects we can fly with, with time and various other restrictions.

>Also (as long as I'm in an asking mood) how much of the time are
>planes like this on the ground (maintenance, etc.) compared to
>being in the air.

In our summer season its well over 12 hours a day if it can be used on an
efficient route network, say 9 hours each way. Its a game to schedule the
planes to acieve this though, they may look the same but they may not all
perform the same, engine fuel consumption can vary, there can be different
engine modification satus. This makes a small but signifigant difference
when flight planning on long sectors.  Interior layouts vary and may not
match the pax sales.