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From: (Robert Dorsett)
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Date:         16 Feb 96 04:33:35 
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In article <airliners.1996.215@ohare.Chicago.COM> (BBost0325) writes:
>I'm surprised at the Airbus bashing that's going on here.  My airline
>ordered its first Airbuses (A300-600R) several years ago and I've heard
>nothing but praise.  It's our MD-11s that get bashed.  I'd like to hear
>some opinions from those who work alongside the A300-600R and how it
>compares to the other jets.  (Please post your responses).

I really don't see that much Airbus-bashing here.

Rather, I have recently seen threads that started with:

- Individuals reading the Wall Street Journal and pass along its comments
about the A3X0 being more safe than Boeing aircraft by virtue of
protections--an unsubstantiated assumption.

- Individuals claiming that Boeing has a "privileged child" status in the
media, by virtue of reporters never listing the country of manufacture.

- Individuals (JF) claiming that non-existent miracle protections are present
on Airbus aircraft, and who try to advance that technology without really
understanding what it's all about--the WORST possible advocate for AI's
technological solutions.

- Individuals claiming that the 777 is less safe by virtue of a simpler FCS.

- Individuals claiming that the 777's cockpit design is less safe and

There seems to be a lot of attitude coming from certain European posters.
All responses, have been just that: reactionary, and usually from people
who know a bit more than the original poster.

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