Re: Peruvian 757 crash -- possible cause reported

Date:         01 Dec 96 04:08:52 
From: (Gerard Foley)
Organization: The Greater Columbus FreeNet
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daniel lance herrick ( wrote:
: JAMES H. LUND wrote:


: > Reason 3:  The price of FAA certified GPS receivers is not that high.
: > Even when certified for IFR enroute navigation.  Many general aviation
: > aircraft have FAA certified GPS on board and are doing away with the
: > ADF, Loran and other equipment.

: This frightens me.

: The current sunspot cycle will hit its maximum somewhere around
: the year 2000. ADF and Loran have worked through previous sunspot
: maxima when pilots were still proficient with other, more
: primitive, navigation devices.

   If you are thinking that high solar activity will interfere with
GPS, this is very unlikely.  There are, however, other reasons to be
concerned about excessive reliance on GPS.  Other location means
should be maintained for redundancy.