Re: Thrust reversers [Was: Peruvian 757 crash -- possible ca

Date:         01 Dec 96 04:08:52 
From: (Douglas Swisher)
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> Adam Dobrzycki wrote:
> > When did the necessity of wheels being on the ground in order to
> > allow activating the reversers become a common thing? Did 707s/DC-8s
> > etc. have that, too?
> The DC-8's had the capability of engaging the reversers on the inboard
> engines while in flight.  Doing so was an "emergency" action only.  It
> was not used unless certain specific problems existed.

It is my understanding that the inboard thrust reversers on a DC-8 are a
normal flight control and used simply as a speed brake, used in the same
manner as spoilers on other aircraft.

D. Swisher