Re: Thrust reversers [Was: Peruvian 757 crash -- possible cause reported]

Date:         25 Nov 96 06:18:50 
From: (John S. Maddaus)
Organization: GTE Labs Inc
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In article <airliners.1996.2557@ohare.Chicago.COM> "Dennis L. Murphy" <> writes:

>The DC-8's had the capability of engaging the reversers on the inboard
>engines while in flight.  Doing so was an "emergency" action only.  It
>was not used unless certain specific problems existed.

I have a question about that.  I flew a United DC-8 from Newark to LA in 1966
and distinctly remember the sinking feeling in my stomach as the plane seemed
to stop in mid-air and I was only held in my seat by the seat belt.  As I
recall, more power was applied to the engines.  My first jet flight and scared
the $#*@ of me but being only a teenager, the pilot gave me a tour of the
cockpit after we landed and told me that it was pretty standard practice to
deploy them.  Gas was cheap then. Fly as high and fast as you can for as long
as you can to cut time off the flight.

John Maddaus