Maintenance questions

Date:         25 Nov 96 06:18:50 
From: (Jeff Bowen)
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Some more questions from someone who doesn't know too much about
aircraft but who is interested in them.

A friend is coming back from Paris later this week and I heard he
discovered his friend is going _to_ Paris on the same plane on
the turnaround.  I think it might be an Airbus (Air France) on
the Toronto - Paris run.

What all will be happening to this plane between flights?  I know
there's the passengers and luggage and cargo off and on.  Must be
a galley going off and a new one going on and the same for
sanitary waste.  Then there's fuel to be pumped aboard.

But what else happens?

After being in the air for 6 hours (or whatever it is) do they
have to check/change oil and do a big number of maintenance tasks
after a flight of that length?  Just curious.

Also (as long as I'm in an asking mood) how much of the time are
planes like this on the ground (maintenance, etc.) compared to
being in the air.  I'm sure the owners don't keep them on the
ground any longer than they actually have to (they can't make
money sitting on the tarmac) but how much of a typical 24 hour
cycle are they actually in the air?  What percentage of a week?

Thanks in advance.

-- Jeff

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