MD-11 or is that 1.1? was: AMR.....

Date:         23 Nov 96 20:09:56 
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>>American is phasing out it is wide body Douglas aircraft ... the MD11
>>just couldn't carry fuel, people and cargo all at once.  In fact some
>>of the MD11's are already gone, they are being leased or sold to Fed Ex.

>What happens in this deal? Does the manufacturer refund x amount
>of $$, buy them back and resell them at a lower price or ???

The manufacturer (MD) isn't directly involved in the transaction --
American just sold them to Fed Ex.  MD might have some involvement in
the conversion to freighters, but that's a separate issue.

>Not to mention the megabux spent on training pilots and mechs, etc.

Most of the pilot training would have been done anyway, just for a
different type, as pilots move from one aircraft to another and come
up for recurrent training.  Mechanic training undoubtedly received a
lot of benefit from commonality with the DC-10.  Some systems are of
course different, but one of the bigger ones, the engines, would have
benefitted from being very similar to the CF6-80s American also uses
on their 767s and A300-600Rs.

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