Re: Airbus A320 flight controls

From: (C. Marin Faure)
Organization: Northwest Nexus Inc.
Date:         16 Feb 96 04:33:33 
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In article <airliners.1996.202@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
(Jerry Schaefer) wrote:

> I would presume that any good pilot, and further presume that the pilot
> of a commerical grade jet would automatically and instinctly turn to the
> RIGHT as would the oncoming airplane.  This is what is taught  to pilots.

You would hope this would be the case, but studies have shown that most
pilots' IMMEDIATE instinctive reaction is to turn toward the window next
to them.  This would apply in a near panic situation.  Given at least a
couple of seconds to let training take over, the initial instinctive
reation would in most cases be overruled by the training which says bank

C. Marin Faure
author, Flying A Floatplane