Re: 737: Take-off without flaps?

Date:         23 Nov 96 20:09:55 
From:         JJBIVNG@HOTMAIL.COM (Joe J. Budion, IV)
Organization: The Budion Family
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Probaly, but I would rather take off with flaps down, It get you up in
the air faster, and if you are on a short runway, that is a necessaty.

What do others think?


Our FedEx MD-11 was taking off from Memphis, TN (MEM) with a full load
of cargo from the FedEx nightly sort, when "Bernie Gracy, Jr."
<> keyed the mic and said:

>Can a 737 take off without flaps down?  The captain claimed we were in no
>danger.  What is proper procedure? Aren't the flaps supposed to come down
>after pushback and engine start but before reaching the taxiway?

Joe J. Budion, IV
Sylvania, OH 43560 USA