Re: Desert airliner storage

Date:         23 Nov 96 20:09:55 
From:         Nicholas Hartmann <>
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> A number of years ago, the Air Force stored a lot of aircraft at Davis
> Monthan Air Force Base near Tucson.  I was stationed there for four months
> upgrading to the F-4.   I remember mostly post WWII aircraft - B-47s,
> B-57s, maybe B-58, F-84, F-86 types.  By now I would guess that some of
> those F-4s I used to fly are probably there in storage, too.  I don't
> remember that the area was open to the public, but the impressive numbers
> of aircraft were visible from the public roads around the perimeter of the
> base.  I am not aware of a comparable storage area for civil aircraft.

There is such a storage area at Mojave airport in southern California,
north of Los Angeles near Edwards Air Force Base. Anywhere from dozens
to hundreds of mothballed commercial airliners can be seen from public
roads around the airport (binoculars help).

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