Re: FMS capability (was: Re: AA965 proves Airbus bashers deadly wrong)

From: (Petter Lorck)
Organization: SN Internett
Date:         16 Feb 96 04:33:32 
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  or MIME structure (Ed Hahn) wrote:

>Yes, assuming the computer had the information about terrain
>available.  However, because of the (correctly) stringent nature of
>certification rules, the FMS computers on board most equipped aircraft
>have an upper limit of 1Mword of memory or less (i.e. 2MB), due to the
>need to show that the electronics industry has experience with the
>components to have REAL, demonstrated MTBF figures.
Are you sure about that number (2MB)? I seem to recall that the
capacity of the UNS 1B FMS is given at 5MB. But of course, now that I
try to find that number in the operators manual I can't find it.
Anyway, this is what is listed in the manual :
The data base provides the FMS with information on over 100,000
waypoints, navaids, airports and over 12,000 SIDs, STARs and
Approaches. Additionally, the data base has the capability to store up
to 200 pilot defined routes utilizing up to 3000 waypoints.

Later, dudes !