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Date:         23 Nov 96 03:36:25 
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In <airliners.1996.2456@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Michael Catchpole <> writes:
>Rich Webb wrote:
>> What is the top speed of Concorde, AND more importantly, can it maintain
>> this speed (or any supersonic speed) without the aid of afterburners?
>Top speed of Concorde is about Mach 2 (1350mph approx). Reheat is not
>required to maintain this speed. However it is required to get there (also
>required for a short time on takeoff)

Going back a long time to when a number of airlines were considering
whether they would buy Concordes, I was involved in looking at some
performance figures and my recollection is that the top speed of Concorde is
quite variable.

My memory is that it is certified to a Tmo, not Vmo or Mmo - and the figure
is about 540K from memory - but that could be way out.  The Mach number
that results depends on the conditions on the day.

The other quirk of its operating envelope that sticks in my mind was that it
is well on the back of the drag curve for a significant part of the descent.  I
recall that if it was required to level out between about FL400 to FL350, it
had to first accelerate before it reached a speed at which it could maintain
level flight.  I'm not sure of the descent speed but my recollection is of
around 400kt IAS or a little better.

Perhaps someone who drove or drives them knows the figures and the facts.

Graeme Cant