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Date:         23 Nov 96 03:36:24 
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In article <airliners.1996.2473@ohare.Chicago.COM>, D S Graf
<> writes
>Regarding aircraft rotating during rear-door evacuation,
>       did you ever see the photo of the PanAm 747 which made
>       an emergency landing at SFO ?
>       It had been unable to acheive a good climb rate on take off
>       and the result was a brush through the approach lights at
>       the reciprocal runway threshold. This damaged the tail and
>       severed some hydraulic lines. On landing the aircraft left
>       the runway and came to rest in the field at the centre of
>       the airport.

I have a video of this, explaining the reason for the accident - given a
runway from which it could not take off at high weight, being a Tokyo
direct which was pushing it on an early 747.
It flew for a couple of hours on one hydraulic system having lost 3
others, to reduce weight.

The video shows the landing without flare due minimal pitch control, and
rollout with wings still flapping from the initial bounce, then going
off the runway which put out the gear fire. It is quite dramatic and the
crew did well to hold it together.
Then it sits in a cloud of dust and NOTHING happens for 60 seconds,
communication problems, then the evac. starts.
After the tip up a few unfortunates are seen going down the nose slide.

As a result of this incident a dedicated evacuation warning system was
fitted with units at each door. It is checked by the crew on each

john relph.