Re: Peruvian 757 crash -- possible cause reported

Date:         23 Nov 96 03:36:24 
From:         daniel lance herrick <>
Organization: Allen-Bradley Company
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JAMES H. LUND wrote:

> I've been reading all the usual excuses, but no real reason why the
> good old USA, where GPS was invented, still do not have GPS equipment
> in most commercial aircraft, even for use as a back-up.  Why not
> consider a few reasons for installation?


> Reason 3:  The price of FAA certified GPS receivers is not that high.
> Even when certified for IFR enroute navigation.  Many general aviation
> aircraft have FAA certified GPS on board and are doing away with the
> ADF, Loran and other equipment.

This frightens me.

The current sunspot cycle will hit its maximum somewhere around
the year 2000. ADF and Loran have worked through previous sunspot
maxima when pilots were still proficient with other, more
primitive, navigation devices.

Some of the things I read here make me want to fly only with
pilots who are curmudgeonly enough to learn to do a fix with
a sextant and carry a sextant and tables in their flight bags.