Re: Desert airliner storage

Date:         23 Nov 96 03:36:21 
From:         Stefano Pagiola <>
Organization: World Bank
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Bob Immel wrote:
> I recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona, and was wondering where these big
> "aircraft parking lots" I here about are in the Desert. I've heard that
> they are somewhere between Phoenix and Tuscon. Does anyone know exactly
> where they are in Arizona, and if they are open to the public?

Head south towards Tucson.  On your right, you'll see the Marana air park.
You won't get anywhere near it though, unless you work for an airline that
has an aircraft stored there.  They keep a tight lid on security.

Keep going, and you'll reach Tucson, which has a number of facilities
scattered about, including the giant military storage facility (which
also contains oodles of 707s used in the KC-135E re-engining program.  I
believe there are tours available.

> I've also heard there is an aircraft museum in Tuscon...can anyone give
> additional info on that.  Thanks!

That's the Pima Air Museum, on the left before you reach Tucson itself.  I
seem to recall that there are signs.  In any case, I remember having no
problem finding it.