737: Take-off without flaps?

Date:         23 Nov 96 03:36:21 
From:         "Bernie Gracy, Jr." <bgracy@worldnet.att.net>
Organization: AT&T WorldNet Services
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In September 1993, I was on a USAir 737-200 departing from Bradley
International to BWI.  When it was announced that we were number 1 for
takeoff and the engines were throttling up, I noticed the flaps weren't
down.  I alerted the flight attendant, who alerted the captain via the
cabin phone, who then put down the flaps as we began to roll down the

Can a 737 take off without flaps down?  The captain claimed we were in no
danger.  What is proper procedure? Aren't the flaps supposed to come down
after pushback and engine start but before reaching the taxiway?

Thanks for your help.  This has weighed heavily on my mind for 3 years.

Bernie Gracy