Re: Stage 3

Date:         22 Nov 96 05:48:06 
From: (RD Rick)
Organization: Netcom
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In <airliners.1996.2494@ohare.Chicago.COM> Malcolm Weir
<> writes:
>Scott Odle wrote:
>> Why should the requirements change simply because some airline failed to plan
>> ahead?  The same thing happened with TCAS and also happens from time to time
>> with ADs.  For noise and TCAS there was plenty of notice and a phase in process
>> (by the percentage of aircraft in your airline).  Many either did not realize
>> or choose to ignore the impending deadlines.  Maybe in the hope that the
>> deadlines would be extended.  When the deadlines came near many asked for
>> exemptions, and as far as I know all were denied as far as TCAS was concerned.
>As far as I recall, British Airways and Air France gained TCAS
>implementation extensions (not exemptions) for their Concordes.

They got extensions because they discovered - after installing the
first ones - that the antennas used on the subsonic planes could not
take it.  Chelton in England had to design a new, much largeer, more
streamlined antenna.  There was no other choice.