American Eagle using GPS as Primary Nav

Date:         22 Nov 96 05:48:06 
From: (Robert Carpenter)
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Looking at the American Airlines web pages I found a press release
which says that American Eagle will serve St Vincent nonstop from SJU
using an ATR-42.  They say this is possible since they will use GPS
for navigation, reducing the block time to 1:58 from the otherwise
2:20.  They also say they intend to serve Tobago similarly.  Is this a

Are there different rules for operators from Puerto Rico?
Specifically, I've noted that some of Eagle's (Executive Airlines)
planes based at SJU had French, not US, registration.  Perhaps this is
symmetry, since I've seen Air France planes (747, 737) with US, not
French registration.

One thing that bothers me about Eagle flights from SJU is that they
are predominantly over water and they don't carry life jackets, etc.
While there may always be an island within 20-30 minutes flight, some
don't have airports that can handle an ATR.

Fill me in ....

Bob Carpenter