Re: American to place order for 100 or more Boeing planes

Date:         22 Nov 96 05:48:06 
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>>The article interprets this as an indication that AA has decided
>>that their 260 MD-80s will eventually be replaced with 737s.

>Wow. I wonder if this means that there will be NO American MD-90s?

According to AA's press release, "Boeing will become the exclusive
supplier of jet aircraft to American ... through the year 2018."

That means no MD-90s for AA unless they start buying them 22 years
from now.  Not likely.  It also means most of the MD-80 fleet will
sooner or later be replaced with 737s, unless AA either keeps the
MD-80s until they're pretty ancient or AA exits the airline biz.
The Fokkers reportedly will also be replaced with 737s, though the
jump above 100 seats requires a third flight attendant.

Reports that AA will become an all-Boeing airline aren't quite true,
as it appears they plan on keeping the 35 A300-600Rs.  No more will
be added, however.  Airbus reportedly is furious that they did not
even get a chance to submit a bid to AA.  Apparently a shareholder
suit is also brewing since AA permitted no competition to drive the
price down.

>I've lost track recently, how well is the MD-90 doing, both in terms of
>sales and in terms of service?

Take a look at Andrew Chuang's aircraft order update pages, starting
at  The MD-80/90/95 series is lumped
together, but you can easily identify the MD-90 order because they're
the only ones with IAE engines.  (MD-80s have Pratt and Whitneys and
MD-95s have BMW/Rolls-Royce.)

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