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Date:         21 Nov 96 03:02:18 
From: (Robert Dorsett)
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In article <airliners.1996.2480@ohare.Chicago.COM> "john r." <> writes:
>As I remember the crew had it in their heads that flight deck air came
>from one pack and one engine only.

That was suggested as a possible issue (and was addressed in Flight
International).  The idea is that with systems training going down the
toilet, with more emphasis being spent on the FMC, motor skills, company
policy, etc., a lot of "real-world" training is benefiting from cockpit
hand-me-downs.  In the case of the air conditioning ducting, it was
suggested, some detail changed between the -100/200 and the -300, and that
was offered as a possible reason for the crew shutting down the wrong

While credible (and who knows, it may lead to other inflight incidents), I
recall it turned out not to have much to do with this crash.

>The LCD display unit on that a/c has very small engine vibration
>indicators, less than an inch dimeter and more importantly there are no
>latching warnings to say when an engine vibs have gone over a pre set

The Smiths Industries LCD center panel engine instrumentation *was* implicated
as an issue, as I recall.

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