Re: Reuters Story On Peru Boeing 757 Crash and DR

Date:         20 Nov 96 12:28:57 
From: (Terrell D. Drinkard)
Organization: The Boeing Company
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Andrea Tylczak  <> wrote:
>Excuse me for interrupting, but I think you're experiencing technical

Generally, mine are more social than technical, but then everyone is
different.  :-)

>>Are you absolutely certain about this?  My understanding has been that
>>this was discussed, but never actually implemented.
>Yes, this is correct.  Every commercial airplane made by Douglas has
>blow-out panels or the equivalent to equalize pressure between
>compartments in case a pressure bulkhead is ruptured.  In general, this
>is not just between the passenger cabin and the cargo compartment, but
>also between various compartments (lavatory and passenger cabin, cockpit
>and avionics compartment, etc.)  I can't speak from personal experience,
>but I would expect that Boeing has similar designs.  This is required for
>certification by FAR 25.

Yes, all Boeing heavy jet transports have blowout panels in the floor and
other places to accomodate the largish airflows associated with rapid
decompression.  As I recall, just about everything has a blowout panel,
lavs, flight deck, cargo holds...

The ones in the floor are next to the sidewalls, right over the crease
beams (called a "coat hanger" by the assembly mechanics, FWIW).

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