Airbus 10, Boeing 10, in Air France orders

Date:         20 Nov 96 12:28:57 
From:         John Harvie <>
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Air France announced it has agreed to take delivery of 10 Airbus A340-300E
and 10 Boeing 777-200(IGW) aircraft "in the next few years." The Airbus
order is an increase to ten of an existing confirmed order for five
A340-300E, and the Boeing order is an agreement in lieu of an earlier
canceled order for seven 767-300S and eight 737-500S. They have also taken
an option for an additional 10 777-200 IGW.

Specs: A340-300E will be powered by CFM 56-5C4 engines (270-ton MTOW) and
carry 252 passengers in 3-class configuration. 777-200 IGW (Increased Gross
Weight) will be powered by GE-90 engines (648,000-lb MTOW) and carry 288
passengers in 3 classes.

Additionally, AF announced their existing fleet of 11 A340-300 aircraft will
be re-engined from CFM 56-5C2 engines to the CFM 56-5C3 to increase MTOW
from 257 tons to 260 tons.

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