Re: mid-air collision near Delhi

Date:         20 Nov 96 05:48:30 
From: (Kevin Trinkle)
Organization: The PSA History Page
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kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz) wrote:

>Er, 182 was the PSA flight number!  Let's try that again.

>150 is the toll according to The PSA History Page, located at
>That count includes 137 on the PSA 727, 2 on the Cessna, and 11
>on the ground.

>144 was the count according to an article in the San Jose Mercury
>News on Wednesday.  Either way, the crash you mention would be the
>worst mid-air.

True, until Delhi. The original Unions and Tribunes from then (which
are in my archives, and haven't yellowed that quickly) list 150. Later
sources that I have list 144 - 129 passengers (39 employees traveling
back to SAN), 6 crew, 2 in the Cessna, and 7 on the ground.

Maybe people would learn that you shouldn't have planes approaching a
runway one way and departing the other (the Cessna was doing ILS
approaches on runway 9, the 727 was landing on 27...) - it only took a
crash for the FAA to learn that here.