Date:         20 Nov 96 05:48:29 
From:         csc4dsg@sun.leeds.ac.uk (D S Graf)
Organization: University of Leeds, England
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Regarding aircraft rotating during rear-door evacuation,
	did you ever see the photo of the PanAm 747 which made
	an emergency landing at SFO ?

	It had been unable to acheive a good climb rate on take off
	and the result was a brush through the approach lights at
	the reciprocal runway threshold. This damaged the tail and
	severed some hydraulic lines. On landing the aircraft left
	the runway and came to rest in the field at the centre of
	the airport.

	As the passengers evacuated via the rear door, the plane
	rocked back until the nos was in the air, rendering the
	forward doors useless as exits, with the chutes dangling
	in the air. This occured because the centre-landing gear
	bogies ("body-gears") failed to extend due to damage caused
	on takeoff.

	It's described in detail in the book "Emergency On The Flightdeck",
	a fascinating read for anyone interested in safety aspects of
	commercial aviation.


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