Re: Peruvian 757 crash -- possible cause reported

Date:         20 Nov 96 05:48:29 
From:         jfmezei <>
Organization: SPC
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> Scott Odle ( wrote:
> : basic question is where do we stop when it comes to adding requirements to
> : prevent accidents due to someones dumb mistake.  Should we require that the
> : structure have an even greater factor of safety, make them carry even more
> : fuel, etc. just because someone might decide to exceed the limitations of the
> : aircraft or not do a proper pre-flight.

The problem is that in such a complex piece of machinery (and now also
errors are bound to be made. Someone supposedly did not pack those
oxygen canisters on that Valuejet plane, Someone forgot to remove a
piece of tape on an air inlet, somone forgot to but a rubber gasket
thinking it was already in, or some pilot makes some kamakaze manoevers
to show off and ends up crashing the plane.

While it is impossible to foreseee ALL possible mistakes, with
experience, you learn what type of mistakes are most common and can take
actions to either prevent or minimize their results.

Airbus knew of a problem of thrust reversers  being activated prior to
landing, so it put in logic to prevent this. Then, it found out that
under certain conditions, the tests to see of plane was on ground were
not true and had to make changes to their logic to accomodate such

Many planes have problems, and the manufacturer and or airline issues
directives to pilots on how to avoid such problems.

With every crash that occurs, I suspect that flight simulators are being
updated to simulate these conditions to train pilots on how to handle
this. So with time, such problems become less important.

I think that with airliners that progress, air traffic that progresses,
and those once in a million accidents that actually occur because planes
fly more than a million times (!), I think that it is fair to say that
the learning will never finish. And as we learn, we try to prevent