Re: GPS Question?

Date:         18 Nov 96 10:11:14 
From: (Sethu R Rathinam)
Organization: INS Info Services, Des Moines, IA, USA
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James M. Douglas ( wrote:
: Can anyone tell me the frequency band the GPS system uses?

The L1 carrier frequency is 1575.42MHz (this is the "civilian use" signal
that carries both C/A code and P code information).  The bandwidth is
2.046MHz and spread spectrum modulation is used.  The L2 carrier is at
1227.60MHz and carries the P code (which is called Y code when encrypted,
which it is, a lot of the time).  You can find more information if you
follow sci.geo.satellite-nav newsgroup.  You can use a web search engine
(like to find web sites a lot more GPS related


Sethu R.Rathinam