Re: "Crooked 737s?"

Date:         18 Nov 96 10:11:14 
From:         "John Johnson" <>
Organization: Netcom
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Paul Kearney <> wrote in article
> I asked the chief instructor  of the airline i work for today about
> crokked 737s and he says yes it does happen and he has attributed this to
> some sort of tolerated offset on the main landing gear.
> I suggested cross-wind and single-engine-taxi but the opinion stayed wiht
> the main landing gear.

I'm rather surprised by the posts here that some "expert" hasn't come up
with the right answer to the 737 dog-tracking down the taxiways. The 737
has a "castering" main truck system that allows the mini-Boeing to land in
a crab without ill effects. The mains simply free caster down the direction
of travel regardless of the direction of the longitudinal axis. Of course,
this castering is limited in scope to just a few degrees from centerline.

One of the reasons for this design is to make Captains like myself look
better in crosswind landings ;)
Another reason is that the fail-passive autoland system doesn't have three
axis capability. The rudder isn't controlled by the autopilot during
autoland and therefore can't "decrab" the aircraft like the 757/767 system.

There, I got that off my chest...I feel much better now.