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Date:         18 Nov 96 10:11:13 
From: (Neil A Kirby x5304 (usr10))
Organization: Lucent Technologies, Columbus, Ohio
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tom (t.) lismer <> wrote:
>Scott Odle wrote:
>> I was recently talking to some of my JAA counterparts and was told that
>> the afterburners are used to accelerate from Mach 0.8 to 1.7 (I think
>> that is what they said the range was) but that they were not required for
>> cruise.
>This is my understanding. Also, the engines used are turbo-jets, as
>opposed to turbo-fans, which have a higher exhaust velocity. The TU-144
>had turbofans and needed afterburners. Also, just about every fighter I
>know of has turbofan engines, and will hence need afterburners for
>supersonic flight.

The new US F-22 fighter is expected to supercruise.  (Fly above mach 1
without afterburner).  AFAIR, it is expected to burn fuel in supercruise
more slowly than current fighters do below mach 1.  F-22 will have turbo
fan engines.

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