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Date:         18 Nov 96 10:11:13 
From:         Ed Hahn <>
Organization: The MITRE Corporation, McLean, Va.
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"tom (t.) lismer" <> writes:
> This is my understanding. Also, the engines used are turbo-jets, as
> opposed to turbo-fans, which have a higher exhaust velocity. The TU-144
> had turbofans and needed afterburners. Also, just about every fighter I
> know of has turbofan engines, and will hence need afterburners for
> supersonic flight.

While the turbojets on the Concorde probably do have a faster exhaust
velocity than the turbofans on the TU-144, this fact has nothing to do
with whether turbofan engines *require* afterburners for supersonic

The reason being: the exhaust velocity can (and is) altered by the
exhaust nozzle geometry.  There is nothing inherent about the turbofan
design which would prohibit supersonic cruise merely because of

Finally as the ultimate proof:  The YF22 and YF23 both had turbofans,
and could cruise supersonically without afterburners.  The F22 will
have this capability with turbofans as well.


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