Commerical VTOL announced

Date:         18 Nov 96 10:11:12 
From:         John Harvie <>
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Bell Helicopter and Boeing are planning a commerical 9-passenger version of
the Osprey military hybrid aircraft. The Bell Boeing 609, as it is
tentatively named, will sell for "under $10 million" (U.S.), compared to $39
million for the larger V-22 military version, according to the Wall St.
Journal (18-Nov-96).

The 609 is expected to fly 500 miles at 275 knots, about twice the speed and
3 times the range of a similarly-sized helicopter, with a target customer
base of current helicopter users. The 609 is more expensive than either a
9-passenger helicopter ($5-7 million) or 9-passenger fixed-wing aircraft
such as a King Air ($4.5 million), but the flexibility is expected to appeal
to corporate customers as well as emergency services such as the Coast Guard.

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