Re: mid-air collision near Delhi

Date:         17 Nov 96 20:04:03 
Organization: University of Wisconsin, Madison
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In article <airliners.1996.2417@ohare.Chicago.COM>, michael keenan <> wrote:
>> It seems likely that this will be the worst mid-air collision to
>> date -- I believe the previous worst was the September 25, 1978
>> collison of a PSA 727 and a Cessna over San Diego, in which 182
>> died, including 11 on the ground.
>I thought only 145 or so died in that one, including 7 on the ground. That
>would mean that the worst previous midair was the one near Zagreb in 1976,
>between a BEA Trident and an Inex-Adria DC-9, killing 176.

I don't know about the casualty total, but 182 was the flight number.  I
wouldn't normally know that, but I just read David Beaty's _The Naked
Pilot_ in which this incident was described and I kept getting confused
and thinking that 182 referred to a Cessna 182 in the collision, rather
than the 727.

    Ethan Brodsky
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