Date:         17 Nov 96 20:04:02 
From: (Henry Law)
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Steve Lacker <> wrote:

>....  The airline industry does NOT have to follow
>that path, because not everyone and his dog needs to be an airline pilot. I
>think it should insure that pilots obtain a good basic understanding of the
>systems on each aircraft type they operate. I know that truly good pilots do
>this already, and I'm not talking about a detailed understanding of physics,
>aerodynamics, engine design, etc.- just understanding correctly and exactly
>which engine drives what accessories, how the hydraulics are interconnected,
>what various failures "feel like," etc.

My understanding is that they do; I'm an armchair pilot but have a
close friend who flies 737s (actually he's not at all close now 'cos
he flies for Dragonair in HK) and I recall his telling me that the
conversion course from -200's to -300's took weeks, principally
because they had to learn how all the different bits of equipment in
the new aeroplane worked and interrelated.  Some professional in the
group will tell us the proper answer, I'm sure.
Henry Law             <><
Manchester, England