Date:         17 Nov 96 20:04:02 
From:         "john r." <>
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In article <airliners.1996.2306@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Scott Odle
<> writes
>In article <airliners.1996.2294@ohare.Chicago.COM>,
>>In January '89 there was a British Midland 737-400 (Flt BD-92) which crashed
>>just short of the runway at East Midlands airport, England. A fan blade had
>>failed on one engine. The crew shut down the wrong one and for various reasons
>>did not realize it until the engine failed completely late on final.
>It would be better to compare only those aircraft that are approved for ETOPS.
>A 737 is not approved for ETOPS so its reliability does not play a role in the
>Also, As for shutting down the wrong engine.  Do you know the details? Was it
>crew error? Was it caused by confusion due to the cockpit design?  Without
>these and other details any comparison for use in the original question about
>ETOPS and reliability are meaningless

As I remember the crew had it in their heads that flight deck air came
from one pack and one engine only. When they had vibs and smoke in the
f/deck they shutdown that engine and it cleared. Unfortunatly they could
not see the vib indicators clearly due mainly to the smoke and shut down
the wrong engine. The vibs and smoke cleared because they put the
running sick engine to idle while they a power off descent on a
divertion into their homebase at East Midlands. Only when they put power
back on did they realise their error.

How can you make such a crass error ?

The LCD display unit on that a/c has very small engine vibration
indicators, less than an inch dimeter and more importantly there are no
latching warnings to say when an engine vibs have gone over a pre set
With smoke in the flightdeck the displays could not be seen clearly and
when the vibs and smoke cleared there was no exceedance warning to say
which engine had been in trouble. All a/c I can think of have some form
of latch on the vibs system, though this can be reset.
I dont know of any follow up action on this one.

john r.