Re: India:747/Tu154 collision +TCAS

Date:         17 Nov 96 20:04:01 
From:         kls@ohare.Chicago.COM (Karl Swartz)
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>>Saudi Arabian:
>>Aircraft:  Boeing 747-168B
>>Registration: HZ-AIH
>>Constr-no.: 22748/555
>>Manufactured: 1982
>>Engines: 4 Rolls Royce RB211-524C2

>Are you sure 747-100s were built with RB211s ?
>I thought only JT9Ds were available until the -200.

Read carefully, paying extra attention to the series -- the accident
aircraft was a 747-168B, not a 747-100.  Subtle, but significant.
The only place I've ever seen this sub-series mentioned other than in
passing is in the British publication Airplane.  Volume 1 Issue 7 has
an article on the 747 and under further variants says

   "In 1978 Boeing introduced the Model 747-100B as an updated re-
    placement for the Model 747-100 with strengthened structure and
    more powerful engines."

That sounds like a 747-200B to me, except there's no mention of added
fuel tankage.  If the Saudi aircraft is typical, MGTOW is less than
that of a -200B, too -- 750,000 lbs, versus 775,000 lbs for the -200B
at introduction and up to 833,000 lbs for later models.  MGTOW for the
747-100 is only 738,000 lbs, though United has some that have been
modified to 750,000 lbs.  Perhaps if they'd been built this way they
would be 747-100Bs.

Obviously "more powerful engines" also includes a choice of vendor,
such as Rolls-Royce in Saudi's case.

Can anyone shed more light on the 747-100B?

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