Corrosion Protection

From:         Dale Tuttle <>
Organization: University of Michigan
Date:         16 Feb 96 04:33:25 
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With the multi-disciplinary nature of this group, I was hoping that
someone could assist in the following:

I am looking for a substitute temporary corrosion protection coating
for aircraft.  Bare aluminum C-135 aircraft undergoing programmed
depot maintenance require a temporary coating of all steel fasteners
while in dock to provide interim corrosion protection.

Other technical orders require that aircraft with exposed bare metal
areas may not be stored outside for more than 15 days without
protective coating.

The current coating contains high solvent levels.  I am looking for
a substitute with the following requirements 1) semi-transparent to
allow for corrosion inspection through the coatings, 2)
environmentally acceptable (low Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs),
no chromates or other hazardous air pollutants, 3) sprayable,
4) provides outdoor corrosion protection for up to one year, and
5) removable with alkaline or similar environmentally compliant
solvent.  evidently, there are commercial substitutes which are

Does anyone know of any substitute that may fulfill these

Thanks in Advance...E-mail is preferred.

Dale Tuttle