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Date:         15 Nov 96 12:25:39 
From:         Malcolm Weir <>
Organization: Adaptive Information Systems -- A Hitachi Company
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Rich Webb wrote:
> I have been reading this news group for some time now and I have decided
> to ask my first question.
> What is the top speed of Concorde, AND more importantly, can it maintain
> this speed (or any supersonic speed) without the aid of afterburners?

Concorde cruises at Mach 2.0 (1400 mph or thereabouts), and does it at
50,000ft and up.

Afterburners, or "reheat" in Brit-speak, is used for take-off and to
accelerate from subsonic cruise (mach 0.80 or so) to mach 1.7.  They are
not used during cruise or during the initial climb to 30,000 ft or so.

The fastest JFK/LHR flight time is around 3:07 minutes (I think).

JFK/LHR is a better route for the plane than LHR/JFK, largely because it
can take off, climb directly to around 30,000 feet, and go supersonic
somewhere off Nantucket.  Arriving in the UK, it drops to subsonic
speeds and descends to landing over the inhabited landmass (where
supersonic operations are not permitted).  By contrast, leaving London
the plane has to plod along at mach 0.80 until it reaches the Bristol
Channel, at which point it can start its acceleration and ascent to
cruise speed and altitude.

You can feel the afterburners cut in, in pairs.

> Thanks