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Date:         15 Nov 96 12:25:38 
From:         Andy Braithwaite <>
Organization: Ford Motor Company
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Rich Webb <> wrote:
>I have been reading this news group for some time now and I have decided
>to ask my first question.
>What is the top speed of Concorde, AND more importantly, can it maintain
>this speed (or any supersonic speed) without the aid of afterburners?

I may be wrong, and will surely be corrected if I am, but I believe that
Concorde's top speed is around Mach 2.2. It is actually limited by the
temperature of the nose boom. Concorde needs full afterburner to transition
into Supersonic flight but can maintian it without afterburners. If it needed
afterburner to maintain Supersonic flight then it proabably couldn't carry
sufficient fuel to get further than Scotland !! It does however need all four
engines to maintain Supersonic speed, loss of an engine causes an immediate

If you want a good reference on Concorde then there is a book called 'Flying
Concorde' by Brian Calvert. He was one of the initial service pilots who
introduced Concorde to commercial operations following it's flight test

Hope this helps.
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