757-300 design reaches firm configuration

Date:         15 Nov 96 12:25:37 
From:         John Harvie <John_Harvie@firefly.net>
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>From a press release, a few facts and figures on the upcoming 757-300:

Length: 178 feet, 7 inches (23 feet, 4 inches longer than the 757-200, by
adding 160 inches of length in front of the wing and 120 inches behind it).

Capacity/range: passenger capacity increases 20% over the -200, and cargo
capacity nearly 50%, with a range of ~4,000 mi. Seat-mile costs expected to
be 10% lower than that of the -200 (lowest in class).

Mods: Wings, landing gear and other key components will be strengthened; new
brakes, wheels, tires.

New features: nose gear "spray deflector" to help keep muck out of the
engines and a retractable tail skid added to the exterior; interior gets
vacuum lavatories and all-new decor similar to the 777's (and shared with
next-generation 737).

Flight deck remains unchanged.

First delivery scheduled for January, 1999.

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