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Date:         15 Nov 96 12:25:37 
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>> It seems likely that this will be the worst mid-air collision to
>> date -- I believe the previous worst was the September 25, 1978
>> collison of a PSA 727 and a Cessna over San Diego, in which 182
>> died, including 11 on the ground.

>I thought only 145 or so died in that one, including 7 on the ground. That
>would mean that the worst previous midair was the one near Zagreb in 1976,
>between a BEA Trident and an Inex-Adria DC-9, killing 176.

Er, 182 was the PSA flight number!  Let's try that again.

150 is the toll according to The PSA History Page, located at
That count includes 137 on the PSA 727, 2 on the Cessna, and 11
on the ground.

144 was the count according to an article in the San Jose Mercury
News on Wednesday.  Either way, the crash you mention would be the
worst mid-air.

The Mercury News article also lists three other mid-air collisions
involving airliners within the United States:

   Jun 30, 1956 - United DC-7 and TWA Constellation over the Grand
   Canyon; 128 killed.

   Dec 16, 1960 - United DC-8 and TWA Super Constellation over Staten
   Island; 134 killed.

   Aug 31, 1986 - AeroMexico DC-9 and a Piper Archer over Los Angeles;
   82 killed.

If the 349 count holds, the Delhi mid-air will be the third worst
aviation accident in terms of fatalities.  The previous top three

   Mar 27, 1977 - KLM 747 and Pan Am 747 collision on runway at
   Tenerife; 582 killed.

   Aug 12, 1985 - JAL 747 crashed into Mt. Ogura after failure of
   aft pressure bulkhead and substantial collateral damage to the
   tail; 520 killed.

   Mar 3, 1974 - THY DC-10 crashed in Ermonville Forest, near Paris,
   after rear cargo door opened during flight; 346 killed.

Despite being the second worst crash on record, there were a few
(three?) survivors of the JAL crash.

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