Re: 747s In The Movies

Date:         13 Nov 96 02:41:22 
From: (Peter Coe)
Organization: BEST Internet Communications
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"Damon Marcus Lewis" <> writes:

>Kim Hackett <> wrote in article

>> Airliners magazine recently had a photo of a Concorde painted up in a
>> new Pepsi paint scheme for a 10 day promotional tour in Europe.  The
>> article said that the paint job cost $300,000.

>I think the price varies a lot on the size of the plane. I know it costs
>about $70,000 to paint a 737. Also, the Concorde is a much smaller plane
>that the 747, so it would probably cost much more than the Concorde to
>paint the 747.

Just to correct a slight lack of information about Concorde.  It may only
take 100 passengers (and in not that much comfort either), but it is not
a small aircraft.  In size, it is 203 ft long, and 408,000 lbs maximum
take off weight.  For comparison, a 767-300 is about 180ft long, and
350,000lb take-off weight (747-200 - 820,000lbs, 231ft).  Plus, I
believe the Pepsi plane, had its wings painted, so the surface area painted,
was probably more than the typical paint job on a 747.