Re: Reuters Story On Peru Boeing 757 Crash and DR

Date:         13 Nov 96 02:41:22 
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Pete Finlay <> wrote:

>In article <airliners.1996.2287@ohare.Chicago.COM>, Paul Nixon
><> writes

>>McD-D knew about the difficulty with this door design because of an
>>earlier loss of such from an American Airlines DC10. But that doesn't
>>change the fact that the ground crewman was the one who was responsible
>>for making sure the door was properly closed.

>the American Airlines DC-10 crash was nothing to do with the cargo door;
>it was the failure of one of the wing engine pylon hinge brackets, which
>caused the engine to detatch, which ripped out the hydralic and
>pneumatic lines on that side. This, in turn, caused the L/E slats on
>that side to be blown back by the forward air pressure, and that flipped
>the aircraft onto it's back. BTW, I am assuming you are talking about
>the American Airlines DC-10 that went in at Chicago.

I may be wrong but I seem to recall reading of an American DC-10 that
lost a cargo door departing San Francisco?... the pilot was able to
turn around and land the plane by varying the thrust from the 3
engines (the hydraulics to the control surfaces being severed when the
floor bucked)...

I think...