Mid-air collision near New Delhi, India

Date:         13 Nov 96 02:41:20 
From:         rathinam@netins.net (Sethu R Rathinam)
Organization: INS Info Services, Des Moines, IA, USA
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Early news reports (Nov 12, 1996) indicate a Saudi Arabian 747 and a Kazakh
airline Ilyushin IL-76 collided in mid-air about 80km southwest of Indian's
New Delhi airport.  There are more than 300 casualities.  The Kazakh
airliner was reported to be a Tupolev TU-154 in earlier reports. There
were 312 people including 23 crew on the Saudi Arabian flight SV-763,
which had just taken off from New Delhi's Indira Gandhi International
Airport bound for Dahran and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, was reportedly cleared
to climb to 14,000 feet.  The Kazah airliner (registration no. 76435) is
reported as a "cargo" flight with 28 passengers and a crew of 10 and was
cleared to descent to 15,000 feet and was bound for the same airport in
New Delhi.  At least one "black box" recorder has been located.  There
have been several eye-witness accounts, including one by the crew of a
USAF C-141 bound for the same New Delhi airport.

Early speculation (too early and very speculative) on the cause is that
the Kazakh pilots deviated from the assigned altitude.

Sethu R.Rathinam