Re: ATR-72's and Airbuses

Date:         12 Nov 96 13:58:54 
From:         Christopher Davis <>
Organization: Blues Brothers Band Rhythm & Blues Revue
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PW> == Pablo Wangermann <wangermn@barder.Princeton.EDU>

 PW> As for the 737s, I bet if a plane that a) wasn't a Boeing b) didn't
 PW> have over 2000 units in service had 2 unexplained crashes the FAA
 PW> would have grounded it by now.

The Lockheed (not Boeing!) Electra (which never got anywhere NEAR 2000
units) was not grounded despite two unexplained crashes (though it was
speed-limited until the cause was found and fixed).

Robert Serling's book on the Electra is quite good (and was reprinted as
part of the Bantam Air & Space series, so it should be findable).

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