Re: Detecting consumer electronics possible ?

Date:         11 Nov 96 01:52:20 
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> Is  it fair to assume that equipment is available to detect/measure
> the emi emissions from a "thing" ?

Yes, there is.  Standard on all test flight at Boeing was to EMI-test any
piece of equipment that was going to be "on" during a flight.  Equipment
was then certified as acceptable and a sticker placed on it.  If it didn't
have a sticker, it didn't go on the flight (or it didn't get turned on
while in flight).

> Would it be theoretically possible to have such equipment on the plane
> that would detect the use of passenger electronics which interfere with
> the navigation equipment ?

This is a far more difficult question.  I am unsure as to what equipment
was used to certify the equipment on Boeing Test Flights and have no idea
as to its expense, ease of use, etc.  On the other hand, I was involved in
EMI testing that we did on various aircraft and remember that testing to
have been very arduous and time-consuming.  One of my least favorite

- David Lawler
  formerly Boeing Experimental Flight Test